193 Raymond Smock

Raymond W. “Ray” Smock is an American historian, currently serving as director of the Robert C. Byrd Center for Legislative Studies at Shepherd University, and formerly the Historian of the United States House of Representatives (1983-1995). – Via Wikipedia.
We discuss: The teaching of history, Booker T. Washington, Ben Franklin, The history of Congress, Trump and many more topics.

Investing Skeptically: Stocks, Mutual Funds, Index funds and historical long term returns.

192 Old 401(k)s & Karen L Garst

Karen L Garst’s new book is “Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life without Religion”
Her blog is The Faithless Feminist.

Investing Skeptically – What to do with an old 401(k)
Learn more at Investopedia

190 GOLD? and Monster On Sunday

Steve and Tally Cass join the show to talk about their Hard Rock Atheist Band “Monster On Sunday”! We also get to listen to a few songs from the about to be released live concert at The Reason Rally!

Investing Skeptically: Trump won the election – Should I now buy gold?

186 Mother Teresa, “NONES” and The Reality Check

Christina and Pat Roach (From the Podcast The Reality Check) tell us all about Mother Teresa.  Was she a force for good?

Also, The survey from PRRI.  “The Rise of the Unaffiliated”.  25% of Americans now claim no religious affiliation and are called “Nones”.   The number is up and it is increasing at an increasing rate.

Investing Skeptically:   Have long term bonds out performed the stock market?  Will they in the future?

Exodus: Why Americans are Leaving Religion—and Why They’re Unlikely to Come Back

185 The Ebony Exodus Project

Candace Gorham talks about her book “The Ebony Exodus Project: Why Some Black Women Are Walking Out on Religion – and Others Should Too” The evils of religion from the black perspective. We discuss: demons, masturbation, Lesbian sex, faith healing, prophecy and more!

Investing Skeptically: SEC fines 13 advisors for misleading investors. Also: ETFs, backtested data, and the value of past performance.

184 David Silverman – American Atheists

David Silverman talks about his Tesla, his next book and the total solar eclipse that he planned around the 2017 American Atheist convention.  Also, donate to American Atheists and double your money.  Special matching funds if you donate here….


Investing Skeptically:  How to look up your mutual funds.  Really bad funds and Mutual fund death!