181 “Success and Luck” & Past performance

Interview with Robert H. Frank.  His book is “Success and Luck:  Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy”.  We discuss the effect of luck on success and the merits of progressive consumption tax.

Investing Skeptically:  SEC & Mutual fund share class, Can past performance help you buy good mutual funds?

180 SSA-Secular Student Alliance, Simple IRA & Market Predictions

Nicole Niebler is the President of AHA (Atheists, Humanists & Agnostics) at University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She explains why the SSA (Secular Student Alliance) is so important and how it has improved her life.

Investing Skeptically: Market Predictions & Simple IRAs.




179 Trump’s Investment Advice & Annuities

Trump did a 2 minute interview on Fox Business and it takes me 20 minutes to explain why it is all wrong and self conflicting.  He thinks he will become President, “Make America Great” and of course the stock market will go up, up up….   However, he has pulled out of the stock market.  You may never guess why.

Special Guest is John Flanagan.  We discuss his time in the US Military, The effects of religion of Bosnia and Yugoslavia, and his time selling annuities.   He gives us an inside perspective!

Investing Skeptically:  I review a listeners annuity.  Find out what was promised and what really happened.

177 Everybody Is Wrong About God!

Our special guest is author James A. Linday.   He explains why Everybody is wrong about god.   His book helps us think about how we should think about god.   He discusses the psychological reasons people believe in god.

Investing Skeptically – Tactical investing.  How to use data to predict the future!  Also, discussed the first brilliant investing idea by the Motley fools – The foolish 4!


176 Creationism, The ARK Park, MLPs and The Baby Boom Bubble

Special guest is Abby Hafer.  Her book is “The Not-So-Intelligent Designer:  Why Evolution Explains the Human Body and Design Does Not”.  We start with testicles, the Birth Canal and The Wedge Strategy.

I also review all of the fun I had at the “ARK Park” protest.

Investing Skeptically :  Update on MLP – Master Limited Partnerships and a discussion based on a listeners question about the Baby Boom Bubble.

175 Anthony Magnabosco and Street Epistemology

Anthony Magnabosco explains how you can use a few simple techniques to talk to random strangers and get them to lose their faith. He uses ideas from Peter Boghossian’s book “A Manual for Creating Atheists”.
Investing Skeptically segment: Market returns as of 6/30/16. Learn what did well and what did not.

174 Supreme Court Rulings!

Amanda Knief joins us to discuss recent Supreme Court Rulings.  (via American Atheists page) “Amanda Knief is a public policy and constitutional expert on religious freedom and civil liberties. She is the author of The Citizen Lobbyist: A How-to Manual for Making Your Voice Heard in Government. “

Heather Henderson (Via Wiki) “Henderson is the co-host of two podcasts with Emery Emery, Ardent Atheists and Skeptically Yours.”

Investing Skeptically:  The S&P 500 vs. Hedge Funds and Don’t invest like an NFL player!

173 Secular Coalition for America!

Larry Decker, the Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America joins us. We talk about the success of Advocacy Day (before the Reason Rally) and all of the important work they are doing.
Investing Skeptically: The effect of high turnover funds in a taxable account. Whole life – personal example!

172 Orlando & Does John Oliver listen to my show?

There are clear signs that John Oliver or someone on his staff listens to The Phil Ferguson Show. Listen as we compare what was said on his show with what I have been saying for years!

James Croft joins us to talk about the Orlando shooting that has killed 49 people in Pulse nightclub.